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NextLaw Mobile App Description

ONE SINGLE SUBSCRIPTION to NextLaw™ Legal Search Engine gives quick and easy access to:

  • Kenya Courts Decisions.
  • Kenya Statutes and Regulations.
  • Legal Journals and Articles.
  • Kenya Court Rules.
  • KY Summary of Judgments.
  • Kenya Government Gazettes.

With just ONE log-in, NextLaw™ App gives users like judges, advocates, attorneys, legal researchers, law students, and other legal professionals access to judgments from courts in Kenya, Statutes of Parliament, Legal Journals, etc. The App guarantees effective, efficient, and timely conduct of legal research, irrespective of location, time and access to the Internet. This App delivers an efficient and accurate search results, because it deploys the concept of natural key words technology.

The user searches for a subject matter by entering it as key word after landing on the “search” interface of the App, then specifies where s/he wants to search, and the results are delivered within seconds, with the Citation as the heading for each of the search results. Also, by mere typing the key words (single or multiple words), or Case Title, or Case Number, or even the Judges’ name, the search engines filters the search and narrows it down to the specific search criteria. Thus, from one interface, the user can search through cases, statutes, gazettes, articles/journals, regulations and rules of courts all at once!!!

Powerful tool for lawyers in deed!

Combined with the App’s accuracy, preciseness, and promptness, are mobility, convenience and affordability. This is because NextLaw™ Search Engine functions offline, because no Internet connection is required to use this App. This is power to judges, advocates, attorneys, legal researchers, law students, and other legal professionals.

Also, NextLaw™ Legal Search Engine is a powerful professional tool because of the frequency of updates. The content of the App is updated on regular basis, and the user just needs internet connection for the App to update its content. There is constant interaction between the App and the NextLaw Web Server for updates, and after afterwards the App functions offline. This is complete ease, because the update takes place without the intervention of the user. This means, the user does not have to click any button for the App to update itself with newer files; it simply takes place automatically once it detects any Internet connection.

The user simply subscribes by registering, downloads the App from the Stores, depending on his/her device (Windows 8 & 10 users to download the App directly from our website), and then logs into the App with the credential created during registration. The process is seamless. Henceforth, it’s easy access anywhere the subscriber is, inside the plane, out on holiday, out of data plan, etc., s/he always have access to the content within the App. No restriction of any kind, as long as the subscription is current.

The primary objectives of NextLaw Legal Search Engine are:

Mobility: This means access to legal resources on the go; irrespective of the device, be it mobile or desktop; irrespective of the operating system, Windows, Android or iOS (iPad & iPhone).

Flexibility: NextLaw™ grants every subscriber the privilege of accessing their accounts via a maximum of two (2) devices, which is a laptop/desktop and a smart mobile device (phone or tablet). This means, the user has the flexibility of using either his/her laptop/desktop or smart mobile device.

Convenience: Access to legal resource has become extremely convenient, without the necessity of internet connectivity everytime the user needs to search for legal resources. Air bound, inside the court room, away on vacation, out of data or even just poor internet connection or internet restricted places, the subscriber still has access to his/her legal resources. The offline functionality of this App brings extreme convenience to the user.

Affordability: ONE SUBSCRIPTION, gives the subscribe access to all the Judgments/Legal Decisions, Statutes of Parliamentary/Provincial Legislation, Government Gazettes, Policies and Regulations, and Legal Journals from legal experts on any subject matter, without the need of having multiple accounts for each of the individual resources or even different categories of law.

Promptness: With NextLaw™ Legal Search Engine, legal research become faster and precise. The Search Engine deploys natural key words and Boolean search technologies in its design, which makes research easier, faster and accurate.


Get an unrestricted 7-day trial period for free.

This enables the user to familiarize himself/herself with all the features of the App, and an opportunity to evaluate the search engine if it meets his/her requirements before s/he commits to NextLaw™ one-year minimum subscription.