The High Court of Kenya is established under article 165 of the constitution of Kenya. It has supervisory jurisdiction over all other subordinate courts and any other persons, body or authority exercising a judicial or quasi-judicial function. It was known as the Supreme Court of Kenya until 1964 and its name has remain unchanged since then.

The High Court has jurisdiction to hear all criminal and civil cases as well as appeals from the lower courts. The High Court comprises a maximum of 150 judges and has original jurisdiction in all criminal and civil matters. The High Court is a premier court in interpreting the Constitution, hears appeals from subordinate courts and tribunals and supervises all administrative bodies (judicial review).

High Court divisions include Family, Commercial and Admiralty, Constitutional and Judicial Review, Land and Environment, Criminal, Industrial and Environmental and Land Court. There are at least 20 High Court stations countrywide.

The Constitution has also established the Industrial Court and the Land and Environment Court at the same level as the High Court. Industrial Court deals with labour and employment matters while the Land and Environment Court deals with land and environment matters and appeals from all tribunals dealing in land and environment matters.

To access High Court Cause List, Visit http://kenyalaw.org/kl/


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