Tribunals are bodies established by Acts of Parliament to exercise judicial or quasi-judicial functions. They supplement ordinary courts in the administration of justice. Tribunals, however, do not have penal jurisdiction.Tribunals, like the courts, have to respect the Bill of Rights in their decisions and not be repugnant to justice and morality or be inconsistent with the Constitution or other laws of the land. Most tribunals are subject to the supervision of the High Court.

  1. Political Parties Disputes Tribunal – PPDT
  2. The National Environment Tribunal
  3. Sports Disputes Tribunal
  4. Cooperative Tribunal
  5. Auctioneers Licensing Board
  6. Water Appeals Board
  7. HIV and AIDS Tribunal
  8. Public Private Partnership Petition Committee
  9. Rent Restriction Tribunal
  10. Business Premises Rent Tribunal
  11. Competition Tribunal
  12. Standards Tribunal
  13. Transport Licensing Appeals Board
  14. Industrial Property Tribunal
  15. Energy Tribunal
  16. Communication and Multimedia Appeals Tribunal
  17. National Civil Aviation Administrative Review Tribunal
  18. Legal Education Appeals Board Tribunal
  19. Micro and Small Enterprises Tribunal
  20. Education Appeals Tribunal
  21. State Corporations Appeals Tribunal
  22. Energy Regulatory Commission Tribunal


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